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Computer Essentials


Our Computer Essentials class is focusing on Computer and Networks fundamentals. This class is designed for students with no I.T background and covers topics from CompTIA+ and Network+. This class is scheduled for two sessions a week over a month. Major Topics covers in this class are below, but more details on our curriculums: • Intro to Mobile Devices • Peripheral Devices • Operating Systems (OS) • Start Menu • Hard Drive • CPU • Memory • NIC • Motherboard • Ports • Control Panel • Installing Components /Programs • Uninstalling Program • OS Files • OS Files Security/Sharing • Laptop’s Features • Introduction to OS Servers • Versions/Editions • Introduction to Domain • Workgroup/Domain • Firewall • Router • Switches • Cables/Fiberoptics • DNS • Accounts • Groups and Users • Introduction to Networks • Types of Networks (LAN,WAN/PAN) • Internet /Intranet • I.T Organization Structures • Path to A+ and Network+ Certifications

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