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About Us

     RZtech LLC is a group of experts with years of experience in Information Technology. They have obtained a significant amount of real-world expertise in the I.T field through working with various firms and contracts. Our content provides engaging and interesting learning opportunities, guiding viewers to identify their strengths and fill in their learning gaps. When you participate in our Technology Tutorials, you’re joining a global community of like-minded individuals looking to expand their understanding. In RZtechSkills we care about educating, and we are happy to share our knowledge, tips, and real-world experiences with you.

Our Goal:       

     We are eager to share our real-world knowledge with you, from the fundamentals to the advanced levels. While you are a patron of RZtech, we want to ensure that you have the right tools, training, and knowledge to be a successful SQL Server DBA. Our curriculums are to fit any level of the student, whether you have been a SQL Server DBA and wanted to deep dive and explore more or just a new starter. We have every necessary tool to meet your expectations.

Our Methodology:

     Our sessions are currently online. Interested students will receive an email with class times and dates. Students can attend classes and learn skills from home or anywhere else that is convenient for them. Following each lesson, there will be a Q&A session as well as weekly quizzes. These quizzes will allow students to assess their understanding of the lesson. Those students struggling on quizzes or who require additional assistance can schedule another session with the class instructor to address their problems. Job preparation, interviewing, and skills-building events are held at the end of each batch to ensure that students are prepared for job placement. When you finish our classes, you will have gained not only the most up-to-date techniques but also over a decade of real-world experience.

Why RZtechSkills?

   It doesn't matter what you learned in school; what matters is what you can perform on the job! We'll teach you the skills you'll need to get the job done in addition to our curriculum. We ensure that you develop organizational skills, I.T personnel's duties, dos and don'ts, communications, web browsing, knowledge, and familiarity with reliable resources, and as well as real-world tips and tricks. Our ultimate goal is for you to succeed as a I.T professional.

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